Snake Boy

Lots of us have pets – cute cuddly cats, precious pooches, shiny goldfish but I doubt you have a pet that’s six times the size of you, scaly and slithery! We’re about to meet a kid whose pet and best friend is a gigantic killer python – and no, we’re not talking about the lolly type!

CATHERINE ELLIS, REPORTER: Hmmm a gigantic killer snake, certainly not my idea of a cuddly friend!

But this Burmese Python called ‘Lucky’ is seven-year-old Sambath’s best mate.

This type of snake can turn on their owners and crush them to death, but Sambath’s not worried at all.

SAMBATH: I pat it and kiss it, like a husband and a wife.

They live in Cambodia which is a country in South East Asia. There’s lots of jungle there and that’s where Lucky came from.

It’s quite amazing because before Sambath was born his mum dreamt that a snake would come and live with them and protect them.

Then just after Sambath was born, Lucky slithered in!

She was a lot smaller then, about the size of a thumb.

SAMBATH’S MUM: Since the snake has been here in our house we’ve been safe. No problems.

She loves Lucky and says it’s like a daughter to her!

The family has built a shrine and give daily offerings to the spirits they believe sent her.

Lucky has also made them celebrities – hundreds of people from local communities come to see the python.

SAMBATH’S MUM: Some movie directors came wanting to take the snake for a movie, but my son wouldn’t let them, he was crying and saying no this is my loved one you can’t take it away.

Sambath’s still young, but he doesn’t ever want to leave Lucky might be a little tricky though if he wants to go to school! – I don’t think lucky would be welcome in the classroom!

For now though, Sambath spends every free moment with his special mate.

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